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So I just realized that this is my first journal of 2015… Wow. Whaddya know. 

The year's gotten off to a pretty average start, I guess. After the play I was in [which, despite being fun, disrupted the equilibrium of my entire life], I've basically spent the past two months trying to get myself back into balance and back where I'm supposed to be. That unfortunately means slowly putting distance between myself and most of the people I was in the play with, because they just don't fit into my equilibrium properly. Right now, what I need the most is to keep my life stable and familiar, and they mess that up.

I'm working on a set of digital pieces that I'll be selling as prints at my school's craft fair next month. If I have extras, I may do an auction or sale here on dA if you guys want :3

Oh, news!

News bit 1: I got a tumblr! Here's my url:
Follow me and stuff~! :)

News bit 2: I'll be offering COMMISSIONS at the aforementioned craft fair, priced on request [due to size, complexity, style requested, media, etc.], and I wanted to let you dA folks know that you are also welcome to jump on board the commission train! I don't know how I'd do payment online [don't have a credit card XD] but that can be figured out later if anyone actually commissions me~!

News bit 3: Gender Identity updates~! I'm currently floating around in Genderfluid/Androgyne. Was considering agender but TBH it's not that I feel a lack of gender, just that I feel… well, ambiguous. Androgyne is pretty much closest for me, but since I tend to fluctuate around I feel that genderfluid should be included as well.

Well, I tried to find a new journal meme to end this with, but… I found many good memes, but none of them for journals. Oh well~!

Hope you all have been well! :iconbigheartplz:


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Ira T.
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United States
Hmm. . . Are you reading this?

You aren't.

I can tell, because I'm just psychic like that.

But if you are, well. . . what do you want to know?

M'name is Ira - Nah, that's an alias [for now]. But feel free to call me that. Or Fire. Or whatever you want to call me, really. . . I'm an American teen in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm pretty much a huge introverted nerd. Manga? Yup. Anime? Yup. Fanfiction? Yup. Fanart? Yup. OCs? Definitely yup. Writing? . . . Well, you get the idea.

I'm really good buddies with some of the other peeps on here, as well, So :iconclockwork-incubus:, :iconphyschotronica:, :iconzedikiel-chathadrath:, :iconinkdeathspell:, :icongray-is-a-rainbow:, :iconoddpotato:, :icon8bitdoctor:, :iconwhitexharexhunting:, and :iconobelisk12345: - you guys have all officially been promoted to sugar-coated marshmallow birds. So yeah, I love these guys. Clocks and Inky are my honorary older siblings, 8Bit is also honorary family, and I've known Physcho and Zedikiel since I was in Kindergarten. They all make me so, SO happy. If you're reading this, you should go check out their pages as well. *cueshamelessadvertising*

Hm. . . Oh yeah! I'm also SUPER into music! Like, it's my freakin' life. I love it. I listen to music nearly 24/7 (Which is kinda dumb, because my headphones aren't exactly comfortable and I tend to accidentally ignore people) - my life has a soundtrack, and it is AWESOMENESS.

If you ever wanna talk about anything for any reason, feel free! I love weird conversations - they don't have to make sense, which makes them amazing.

Oh, by the way?

I'm watching you.





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