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Hello, all!

Sorry it's been so long - life is starting to get really busy for me, and I'm going to be even less active on dA than I have been (which isn't saying much… I've got nearly 700 notifications piled up because I want to go through and favorite all of them but I'm too lazy… ), and I wanted to apologize in advance for that.

So I'm a senior in high school right now… kinda crazy, yeah? I go to a K-12 school, so this is my thirteenth year at the same school. I've been there longer than more than half the staff. I can still remember being a kindergartener in the classroom just down the hallway from my locker, and now I'm a senior and I have a kindergarten buddy (and she's adorable and tiny and waves to me in the halls she's the cutest/greatest fucking kiddo I swear). It's really kind of strange for me to realize that this is my last year there… I've been at this school for more than half my life, and most of my remembered life. It'll be an emotional year, for sure.

But that's not the only reason why I'm busy! Senior year stuff and college applications (and my Senior project… gah… I'mma get back to y'all on that later) aside, I'm also doing the Fall Festival of Shakespeare again! Basically, my school gets to be one of like 4-6 who are putting on shakespeare plays this fall :3 We're doing As You Like It, and I'm one of two people double-cast as Rosalind - yeah, the leading lady. So I'm going to be pretty busy with that as well - lots of after school time. I'm really excited though!

Then there's the regular volunteering that I need to sort out, and the HS solstice pageant once that gets started (there goes more of my free time, I'm afraid), and all in all I'm just going to be very busy for at least the next four or so months. So I apologize if I really just kind of disappear.

Other than that stuff… I know you guys don't care, but life has been alright. I was in a really tough place last year, emotionally, but things have been getting better. Keeping busy helps, and my friends are good and supportive (especially Saru… haha, fangirl mode activated, whoops), so this year's been better than last so far. 

I think the fact that one of my classes is almost entirely sassy latin dance really helps.

My D&D group is awesome - we've been meeting more regularly, and we've actually almost got a routine down, and we've also got like four different campaigns going. It's great. I'll have to share some of my characters with you all sometime - I've drawn them all (well, not really Eireen, but she's the newest). That also helps, even though it's also kinda stressful at times.

I just want to say I really appreciate you all for continuing to watch me even though I'm not doing much right now (and even though my art kind of sucks don't lie I know it does) - I know I don't interact with you watchers very much, but I really am grateful for all of you. Really.

I'm just also kind of awkward about the whole how-to-talk-to-people thing.

Sorry for the blocks of text - I'll try to at least post more journals if not art, because I enjoy talking to you all! :3

Much love,

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Ira T.
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Hmm. . . Are you reading this?

You aren't.

I can tell, because I'm just psychic like that.

But if you are, well. . . what do you want to know?

M'name is Ira - Nah, that's an alias [for now]. But feel free to call me that. Or Fire. Or whatever you want to call me, really. . . I'm an American teen in the Pacific Northwest, and I'm pretty much a huge introverted nerd. Manga? Yup. Anime? Yup. Fanfiction? Yup. Fanart? Yup. OCs? Definitely yup. Writing? . . . Well, you get the idea.

If you ever wanna talk about anything for any reason, feel free! I love weird conversations - they don't have to make sense, which makes them amazing.

Also, you can find me at ^^

Oh, by the way?

I'm watching you.





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